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With 300m high cliffs, access to the sea and stunning roads (more on that later) the torrent de pareis is one of the most extraordinary places on the island. Crazy people walk it, I drive. You should too. Don't be crazy. It's spain and 40°C are reached daily in July and August.

Make sure to rent a small car or be comfortable with squeezing your vehicle through the tightest spaces. The roads are crowded with bikers and buses but barely fit two Mini Coopers side by side. Some bus tours offer the drive though you will be stuck in there for at least 1h+ each direction. We recommend to get yourself a good driver or pick the most experienced person in your squad to steer you through these roads. If you are not the driver you get to enjoy one of the most stunning views of the north of Mallorca.

Bring a photo camera

Bring loads of water, its hawwttt.

Bring Food! Do not buy food here!

Duration: actual walk through the canyon maximum 1-2hours, most people only spend 1h walking around, it's not that much ground to cover.

Duration drive: can take up to 2h each way depending on traffic and where you are coming from. It's far away form Sa Rapita so plan a full day trip for this trip.

BRING CASH!!!!! The parking does not take credit cards and the next ATM is 30km+ away (we learned the hard way...)

Don't expect to find good restaurants down here either. The few places next to the water offer burgers, french fries and other classic Spanish dishes of the finest quality (*cough cough irony*). On a serious note: have a big breakfast, take some food to snack on the way and back and in the evening make your way to a good restaurant after the excursion.

So you are on your way back and hungry. And thirsty?
If you still have a bit of energy to continue driving head towards Valldemossa and hold back on the snacks. Instead, program your Waze/Google Maps towards Casa de Sa Miranda. Great food, a wild mix of European Mediterranean cuisine that's out of the box, qualitative and a welcome change to constantly eating traditional Spanish food. Good Sangria! (matches well with non Spanish food as well ;) )

Still not convinced? Look at this table...

Walk through Valldemossa and discover the tiny little streets with flowers and plants all over. It's a gorgeous little town especially if you ignore all the shop areas and head in the small empty streets.

Okay, time to rest now head home and edit those pictures you snapped today for the 'gram....

text & photos © Florian C. Dahm 2017 - all rights reserved