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Go south! As southern as you can go in Mallorca? Far del Cap Salines!

Once you entered the Far del Cap into your navigation system you will be heading down small roads thinking you are lost. Continue until you are certain that you are lost (because there is no traffic and why are the roads so small) until you realise that you were actually right as suddenly a white light house occurs infront of you (alternatively tons of parked cars on the side of the road in high season).

The Far del Cap is the most southern point of the island and in reach of the Parque Nacional del Archipielago de Cabrera. You can't get closer to Cabrera than this unless you swimm (or have a boat). Therefore the water is cristal clean. Loads of boats cross the Far del Cap making for cute photo opportunites #upyourinstagame #perfectphotospot #photospot #fardelcap #stopthehastagsplease #holidays

Tipp: Do not walk barefoot. The stones can cut your sole. Cut's and salt water sound more like torture than holidays.

This is not the craziest excursion or most spectacular landscape but the light house is cute, the water is clear and the place is close by Santany√≠ as well as Ses Salines making it worth the trip if you have the car. It might get packed in high season but during off season you can get lucky and be completly by yourself even though there are plenty of cars parked around the light house.