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It's holidays and what feels better chilling next to the Pool? Lying next to the pool after a morning run! Get your miles in with this route which starts right next to Casa Sol, heads down to the water and back up! Half of the run is next to the water with a turn around next to a rocky beach.

It gets hot quickly so better leave before 9:00 or take a ton of water with you. You start next to Casa Sol, head down to the water and then turn right.

Run the main street/promenade towards the right as long as you can. Once you are in S'Estanyol continue straight, continue to run next to the Yacht Club and you will soon find yourself on few meters of sand/dusty street which leads towards a beach (no sand, only rocks here).

The tiny island you see in front of you once you are at the little bay is the Illot de s'Estanyol. Never tried to swim there but should you do so, send a photo of proof. I'll buy you a beer.

Enough photos and looking around let's head back to Sa Rapita. You run back the same route. If you want you can continue to head towards the Yacht Club Sa Rapita to get over the 7km mark.