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Es Trenc is THE beach of Mallorca with the most amazing water, best beach, and dunes that are hard to find anywhere else on the island. But if you get tired of frying in the sun though are already in the area you can go ahead and look at salt water evaporating. It's more interesting than it sounds, I promise! Good Iced-coffee and soft cookies are the main reason to stop by #wheresthecookie

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The overpriced but tasty Flor de Sal is produced right next to Es Trenc. Factory visits are every hour (bring water, it gets crazy hot) and you can learn about all the stages of how salt water turns into salt.

As I am not much of a fan of evaporation but rather consuming salt we opted for heading to Flor de Sal's shop instead of the factory visit, ordered a coffee and iced coffee and enjoyed the view. It's cute, especially in the morning/early lunch when the sun is not too hot yet.

Casa Sol Tip: This makes for a nice early-morning bike tour from Casa Sol. With about 15km in one direction, it's a decent tour but manageable even by bikers that don't wear tights and sunglasses as a fashion statement


Feeling adventurous? Don't take the road back but walk with your bike via Es Trenc back to Sa Rapita. It takes a lot of effort to push the bikes through the sand and is NOT FUN! But the beach right next to Flor de Sal is remarkable. We love the clear water that's even a little touch bluer than it is in front of Sa Rapita.

FOR THE BIRDWATCHERS OUT THERE: this is the place to look at birds. They are all over the salt-water fields during the evening. So go and check out those birds...(or don't cause you could also spend your time drinking a gin and tonic in the CASSAI BEACH HOUSE just 5km away from here <3 )