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Romantic evening? Here we go. Lighthouse? Check! Sea-View Restaurant? Check!

Ses Salines is not our favorite town but it's close by Sa Rapita and always worth a visit. With one of the best-decorated restaurants on the island and a lighthouse which makes for the most romantic sunsets you CAN NOT MISS THIS at night. Reservation is a must! 

The lighthouse is a small black and white version of the mostly bigger ones across Mallorca. The recently created coast-line walk is nice both during the day as well as night and makes a nice pre-dinner stroll.

The magic of Ses Salines are the cliffs in which you can wander around freely. During sunset they transform into mosquito-traps (!) but those 20 mosquito bites are so worth the view

Once the sun is setting the mood is beautiful and you can (after taking the last photos) slowly head towards the Restaurant Cassai Beach House


Is it so special? Well, no! The crowd is a mix between wanna-be chic and normal tourists but we recommend to wear no flip flops and go along with the wanna-be chic vibe. Underdressing is never cool although its not a fashionable place really. The food actually isnt great either, sure its good but not extraordinary. We recommend Cassai because of its great atmosphere, tasty drinks and very very very good decoration. Did I mention its nicely decorated? 

Its always packed at night, call a few days before to get a table on the outside during the sunset, enjoy the GnT's and stare deep into your husbands/wifes/boyfreinds/girlfreinds/friends/puppies eyes. Its more the experience than the food. Don't get the wrong impression the food is still good but the atmosphere is even better.

text and photos © Florian Dahm 2017